Anyone caught them all?


A good friend of mine has written a piece for Wait! What? Sorry. He has his own blog, which I love. If you like what you read today you should check it out. And if you don’t like what you read you should still go and check it out, so click here.


I caught a Pidgey on the toilet today. I never play Pokemon Go on the toilet, but the app was on and the Pidge was there. It was looking at me. It wasn’t weird.

I find that my days are happily filled with my phone out ready to catch the next Rattata or Oddish or Kangaskhan, if it ever shows up. I like to do this by myself or while someone is blah blah blahing at me about something or other.

Has Pokemon Go made me an uncaring, unlistening jerk? The answer is obviously no.

I think the onus is on the people trying to blah at me, they should pick their blah time better.

A perfect time is when I’m trying to grind up Pidgey to turn into candies so I can level up, or when my battery is five per cent or lower and Pokemon Go shuts down. Then I have no choice but to listen to their blah.

So in conclusion, I need a better battery.

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