Who’s behind the door?


A while ago I was in a horror movie, but it was a slightly odd horror movie.

It wasn’t a dark and stormy night, instead it was a crisp early morning and it all started when I felt a chill down my spine.

As I went through my morning routine I heard rustles outside. In most horror movies people would’ve gone outside to check, not me. I just stayed inside and locked the doors.

As I picked up the keys to my car, three loud knocks jolted my attention.

“Knock, knock,” came the call from behind the door.

I stood frozen as my gaze fell to the door.

“You’re supposed to say ‘Who’s there’,” came the voice from behind the door.

“But I know who’s there. Marco you’re in front of a glass door. I can see right though it. Now, can we go? Or do you insist on playing this game again?”

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