Can you get back on the bus?


“Why? You just dropped me off.”
“Well, yes, but as you can see the bus won’t move now. And it’s all your fault.”
“My fault! How?”
“Over the past two months you have been sighted exiting the bus, and then the bus not working after that. It’s happened on five occasions now and I know you’re to blame!”
“Really? You think the bus isn’t working because I got off?”
“Yes! Now get back on the bus!”
“What happens when the bus finishes its route?”
“Stay on for the next one. You can never get off again!”
“So, is this a kidnapping?”
“Yes, I suppose it is.”
“Right, well, if you’re willing to kidnap people when your bus doesn’t work, what does that say about yo… Does the bus have Wi-Fi?”
“Cool, I’m in.”

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