Where are the apples?


One day I was in a shopping centre, so I went into the apple store. I wanted an apple, apples are my 8th favourite fruit. I think on this particular day I wanted a Granny Smith apple.

In the store I couldn’t find the fresh fruit among all the electronics on display. So I asked a person where the apples were. They looked at me funny and walked away.

The next person I asked was more helpful. He responded, “Were you after a Mac, an iPod, an iPad or an iPhone.”

Now it was my turn to give a funny look, before calmly replying, “Do you have any Granny Smiths?”

He laughed for some reason before saying, “Ahh, we just ran out. But if you’re looking for apples just go down the stairs, turn left and keep going. Eventually you’ll come across some apples.”

So I did, but I still want to find out how the apples from the apple store taste.

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