Are you being sarcastic?


“You’re under arrest.”
“What for officer?”
“Making death threats.”
“I never made any death threats!”
“November 3, Katie McGregor. You were talking about how you would like to die. Miss McGregor said she, quote, “I’d like a quick death, like a bullet to the head, or just a simple head removal,” end quote. Then you said, quote, “I can make that happen,” end quote. And Miss McGregor reports that you had a creepy smile on your face and a gleam in your eye.”
“That is true officer, but it was a joke. We both laughed afterwards and I haven’t killed her… yet. Wait!”
“Sorry. I have a habit of throwing in sarcastic jokes and forgetting to turn on the sarcasm. Meaning people don’t know whether I’m joking or not. It’s a curse.”
“Ahh, so you don’t mean Miss McGregor any harm?”
“No, officer.”
“Ok then. You’re a nice guy, I don’t think you would hurt anyone. Thankyou for your time. I’m glad this day is nearly over, just a few hours of paperwork to go. Kill me now, if you know what I mean.”
“I can make that happen… Wait!”

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