Do you want to play Frisbee?


Frisbee, the ultimate disc to carry on your travels to Antarctica. I like throwing Frisbee’s, but recently I was caught without my Frisbee (a penguin ate it), so I had to improvise.

My first thought was using a dinner plate, hard, ceramic, disc shaped, an adequate replacement. However, after a few wayward throws into a brick wall (and the back of someone’s head) the chef put an end to my first idea.

My second idea was sound technology, an iPad, not smash-able like a dinner plate, but not as round. Throwing the iPad proved more difficult than the plate, but soon a small circle gathered. Five minutes later and I thought I had solved my Frisbee conundrum, but then the iPad’s owner showed up, he was not pleased with my second idea.

I was feeling defeated, I had no other ideas for Frisbee’s, so I reluctantly reached into my bag and pulled out my back-up Frisbee. Unfortunately, a penguin was nearby, it attacked me and ate my back-up Frisbee.

Penguins must really like Frisbee’s.

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