Would you like a date?


I have realised that it is tricky to see in the dark. In fact I really can’t see.

This reminds me of one time with a date. The lights were off, and I couldn’t see my date at all.

So all night I’m sitting there wondering what my date looks like. Maybe a blemish here, or a dark spot there. Fortunately, through the great sense of touch I could tell that my date was of an average size.

But I was still unsure what I should do next, I couldn’t turn the lights on, the power was out, but I could risk it.

So I leant over the table, grabbed my date, eased my mouth closer… At this stage I was probably moving in slow motion, but it was pitch black, so I couldn’t see.

And as my lips touched my date, I knew that it was love. My date and I shared a wonderful moment. And then at last, I finally ate my date.

It was delicious.


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