What am I forgetting?


I’m sure I’m forgetting something, and it’s been bugging me all day. If only I could remember what I need to do today.

Let’s see, it’s Tuesday. Did I bring the bins in? That’s a Tuesday task, and guess what, they’re still just sitting out the front. That must be it, I’ll just bring them back in.

All done, but I have a funny feeling that bringing in the bins isn’t what I should remember. Maybe I need to go to the toilet, I let a couple go while I brought the bins back in. And they smelt bad.

Nope, it wasn’t that. Maybe I need to go to the gym, those bins were a little heavy. Must be a weights day. I think I’ll take it easy though, I’m not as strong when I’m trying to remember what I forgot.

Well, that was a good weights session, but I don’t feel like it’s what I forgot to do. I think it’s time for a nap, let my brain sleep on it. I’m sure I’ll remember.


THE BINS! I forgot to put out the bins!

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