Would you like some sauce with that?


A few weeks ago I came across an interesting fast-food joint. It sold hot food, like fish and chips, hot-dogs and chicken. But it also had a selection of ice-cream, I loved it.

However, I didn’t know whether to get dinner or desert and I wasn’t that hungry, so I didn’t want both. So I decided to combine them. I ordered a hot-dog with ice-cream on top. No sauce, no cheese, just ice-cream on top.

A few minutes later I was given a plain hot-dog, so I left it alone assuming that they would put the ice-cream on in front of me, but they didn’t. So about five minutes later I asked the chef about my ice-cream on top. He thought it was a strange request, but soon obliged.

The reason that I hadn’t received my ice-cream on top straight away is because the cashier thought I was joking. An understandable mistake, but if I was a hot-dog, I’m sure ice-cream on top would cool me down.

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