How would you like your eggs?


On the weekend some friends of mine were debating whether we go out for lunch or home for a nap. Eventually food won the day, but it made me wonder if the two could ever be brought together. And I have a solution, a breakfast in bed café!

Here’s what I’m thinking…

You go into a rather large building with walls separating beds, some single, some double, a few queens, maybe a king sized bed. A waiter greets you and shows you to a bed, then the waiter takes your breakfast order. I don’t think the food would be too extravagant, just usual breakfast food, like toast, bacon and eggs.

You order your food but you also tell the waiter when you would like it served. Maybe in an hour, or 90 minutes. This gives you time to have a nap. And then an hour later your breakfast is served. You’re still in bed, and you have breakfast in front of you, cooked to perfection.

Obviously a service like this isn’t going to be cheap, you’re paying for a bed and food, but I would certainly pay for it. It would make my afternoon naps far more worthwhile.

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