Could you eat a horse?


Four strong young males strutted into the restaurant and sat down to order.

“I want a horse!” said Daniel.
“Too expensive,” said Sam. “How about a lamb?”
“You know I’m watching my weight Sam.” said Dave.
“Well, we could get it wild.”
“A lamb wouldn’t provide much of a challenge, and besides, the reason we come here is to avoid the wild,” said Mitch.

The four sat deliberating over what to eat, “Chicken?” “Too small.” Cow?” “Too unhealthy.” “Deer?” “I had deer for breakfast.” “Human?” “Only for desert, they’re normally too sweet.” “Elephant?” “The last elephant I ate made me sick for a week.”

It was at this point that the waiter finally spoke up, “We have a special on body builders at the moment. A lean and strong subspecies of human. Feed very high quality food and in tip-top shape. The only thing is he has to be wild.”

Daniel looked around the group, and they all nodded. “Okay, we’ll have two wild body builders.”

“Great, I’ll put them in number four. Enjoy your meal. And thank you for eating at The Lion’s Den.”

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