Does someone chase you?


I put out the word that I needed a running partner. I got a few responses, but really only one interested me.

His name was Tait, he was a runner, a long distance runner, with a very fast personal best. He said his motivation technique was the best in the business.

So we met up and talked for hours. Not just about running but about everything, football, God and politics. We agreed to go for a run the next day.

The next day I waited outside my house for ten minutes, after that I decided Tait wasn’t coming and set-off without him.

As I set-off I noticed this figure in black out of the corner of my eye. Then I noticed it again. So I looked behind me and there was this figure in black chasing after me!

I ran faster, taking more turns, trying to throw him off. But nothing shook him. Instead he kept closing in.

I decided to make a break for home and raced at top speed down a shortcut. He was still right on my tail as I turned into my street. I didn’t even open my gate, I jumped the fenced and picked up the first weapon I could find.

But when I peered outside my gate the figure in black was gone.


Later in the day I got a text from Tait, “How was the run?”

“SOMEONE CHASED ME!!! Where were you???”

“Did you run faster?”


“Cool, same time tomorrow?”

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