Do I turn four today?


Today is the fourth anniversary of Wait! What? Sorry. To celebrate I wrote a random word story, all themed by the number four. Four in the title, four random words, and exactly four hundred and forty-four words long. The random words are in italics and this paragraph does not count in the word limit. Enjoy.


Tyrene Treeson, Happy Fourth Sproutday,

Tyrene, our daughter, you are a beautiful and valued part of our growing family. We will always help and support you with whatever you need. The strength of our family comes from our community, together we support each other and grow as a team. We see your potential, you grow in wisdom and understanding every day. When you are old enough we hope you can lead this community with us. Until then, continue to learn and exhibit your wisdom to the world.

You are far greater than your youthful four years of age. You are wise, patient and strong, yet you remain humble and help our family grow. We see that you already live up to the calling of Mother Nature. Always remember that she never sleeps, she is always working for the good of all earth’s inhabitants. She is always kind, humble and wise. Continue to use her as an example, take her virtues on as your own. She rewards all Creation that follows her lead.

Today marks an important milestone in your life, you are now fully developed. This is a big change, you have seen what has happened to your body and had crazy emotions run through your mind, but the biggest change is responsibility.

Mother Nature asks us to represent her to the world, that is our responsibility. You have been told this since your earliest days on earth, and it is as true now as it was then. But you are now old enough to learn of the duplicity of humans. Humans, those funny little creatures that move around aimlessly, know little of our importance. As a result, they mistreat us and use us for evil and obscene purposes. Our latex is moulded to their liking, our body is carved to fit their lavish lives and our foliage is smoked for fun.

But despite all this we must care for humans, just as Mother Nature does. Our photosynthesis, shadow and produce keeps humans alive. We must continue this in the hope that they will acknowledge all their wicked ways and help grow our community for the benefit of humans and animals everywhere.

Hold on to Mother Nature and everything she does. She will judge your nature and reward you justly. Do not fall for the deceit of humans, they will convince you that you are worthless, they will remove you from your roots, they will cause you pain and suffering, but their God will judge them for their actions against you. Our calling is to live out the calling of Mother Nature, and let Her handle the rest.


the Elder Trees of Earth

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