Where does he shop?


This story was created with the help of Rory’s Story Cubes. Each cube has a picture on each side and we incorporated what we rolled into this story. Enjoy.

Once upon a time… there was a monster called Big Foot. He lived in a star and ate mobile phones. One day, he bought a matchstick that causes waves capable of incinerating faces. Big Foot took the matchstick and aimed it at a rainbow’s pet cloud causing it to fly in to a plane full of sleeping babies.

Fortunately the plane with the sleeping babies was saved by the magnetic force of Big Foot’s own house (his star). Frustrated by this, he read the matchstick’s operating manual. In it he learnt about the hidden turtle that transforms the matchstick into a spotty apple that poisons every key in existence! So Big Foot tried to find the turtle, but the turtle was guarded by his arch-enemy, aliens called ‘The Clocks’. Because of this he decided to give up and instead go online shopping with his new credit card.

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