What’s your World Cup 2018 moment?


I don’t have one single moment to call my favourite, there were so many. But all those moments were witnessed by the fans, and they made my Russia 2018 experience so memorable.

Everyday I saw fans of all nationalities coming together and supporting their team. Through them I felt every emotion of football, and the overwhelming emotion was joy.

– Mexican fans celebrating like they had won the whole tournament after they beat Germany. And then celebrating with South Koreans a week later.

– Japanese and Senegalese fans staying behind and cleaning the stadium, even after they lost.

– English fans re-engagement with their team bringing it home.

– Argentinean fans and their roller-coaster of emotion in the group stage.

– Croatian pyro parties throughout their run to the final.

– Russian fans finding pride in their team when they feared embarrassment.

They’re the main ones I remember, and that was all at Russia. Before the tournament I saw unfancied Peru qualify for the first time since 1982, Panama and Iceland qualify for the first time, and Australia breathe a huge sigh of relief when they finally booked their ticket.

Of course another huge emotion was despair, surprisingly felt by a number of bigger sides, but still the simple joy of football was always just beneath the tears.

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