Where have Nike been?


The World Cup is big for football brands, particularly adidas and Nike, and marketing in general.

As official supplier of the World Cup, adidas are always highly visible. The ball, the referees kit, the kids boots, they’re all adidas. Adidas also supply a fair share of the countries kits and boots for the players, their Predator, X and Nemisis stand out and grab attention. Adidas are always front and centre at a World Cup. But all this exposure for one brand, magnifies the lack of advertising from Nike.

Nike are largely muted this World Cup. Usually they release a top quality football film, but they haven’t. Even their most visible products of the World Cup are underwhelming. Their kits haven’t enthused me, the copy and paste template doesn’t show enough respect. And then their ‘Just Do It’ pack of boots is predominately white. You need a second look to know they’re Nike. Certainly not the star of the pitch Nike usually are.

But neither adidas or Nike are my stand-out advertisers. My favourite advertisements come from Wish, with their Time on Your Hands campaign. They got World Class footballers who aren’t in Russia to learn a new skill with all the time they have on their hands. It’s been my highlight of the half-time viewing.

One thought on “Where have Nike been?

  1. madwife77

    Hi Chris

    We wish we had a shirt to wear from your collection for the World Cup. You perhaps one for each game enjoy

    James 4:10 Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.


    Deb Griffith
    Cultural Participation in Cambodia


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