What is the point of sharp things?


I, like many others, struggle to answer this question. But generally I find the best way to answer this is by trial and error. Let me show you my technique…

To follow along at home you’ll need a knife and a tender surface. I always use my own thigh, that way if the object in question is indeed sharp, the point should impale my thigh. But you can use use someone else’s thigh if you’re unsure.

A knife is the most common sharp object, but I never know where the point is. Here’s how I find out, once you do it yourself you’ll see it’s very simple.

Firstly, grab your knife, it doesn’t matter what end. Grip it firmly and plunge it towards your thigh. If it goes through your flesh and deep into your thigh, then congratulations, you’ve found the point! If not, you probably tried to plunge the wrong end into your thigh. Don’t worry. Turn the knife around and try again!

You can use this technique to find the pointy end on other things too! Like forks, arrows, needles, pins, pencils, letter openers, teeth, scissors, nails… the list goes on.

One thought on “What is the point of sharp things?

  1. madwife77

    Hello Chris

    You’re a one of a kind story teller many twists and turns along the way. Your touch stone is that you always bring a smile inside and out with your reader audience.

    How are you and your folks going? What can I be praying for over you?

    May you know His peace as an endless comfort and he as your rock with such certainty for today, tomorrow and what lies ahead. Nothing is guaranteed but that his love be lavished afresh upon you each morning. Life is a gift that teaches us more of our Creator God. He is a good God.
    We are nearing to entering wet season so grateful for the change. Living in the local village where vegetables are everywhere around us makes us healthy indeed also helps when we consume some too. We are tired and planing some leave soon to refresh and reset.

    Send you our Cheerios and good wishes but better still bless you in the knowledge of the Lord that he may steady you Wat and light your path ahead as he sees fit. May sleep be a real gift for you tonight to go deep and be wholesome sleep that refreshes like happens every few weeks for some. Be restored Chris.

    James 4:10 Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.


    Deb Griffith
    Cultural Participation in Cambodia


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