What book should I read next?


I just finished reading a book. And until the World Cup starts there is very little to do, so I need to start reading another book.

But what type of book. Another fantasy? I’ve just read three fantasy novels in a row, I’ll definitely read another, but not now. I have plenty of other genre’s to enjoy. Biography? Murder Mystery? Teaching? Football?

I can’t choose a single book to read from my hundreds of books. Instead I narrow it down by the process of elimination. Let’s go through the options.

Football: A football book may lift my excitement for the World Cup. But I doubt it considering I’ve been waiting four years and now IT’S SOO CLOSE!

Teaching: I have a number of unread books about writing sitting on my shelf, and I should read them… But if I read them now I won’t be able to put any of it into practice because IT’S SOOO CLOSE!

Murder Mystery: I love a good murder mystery, I read them straight away. The only unread murder mysteries I have, I’m not sure about. There’s a body, but are the people investigating interesting? I’ve read a few where they’re not. I won’t gamble when IT’S SOOOO CLOSE!

Which leaves only one genre.

Biography: Learning about someone, how they think and what they think is enlightening. I love getting inside someone’s head.

Now, which one? IT’S SOOOOO CLOSE! Eliminate the thick ones, then the football ones. And after that there are only a few options. And the final step is ennie, minnie, minnee, moe. I’ll read that book.


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