How’s the weather?


Hello and welcome back to the Awkward Small Talk Championship. For those just joining us we’ve reached the final six competitors. And the final match is about two minutes away. Now, Michael, how do you see the final playing out?

Well James, it’s very difficult to call, because each of our six competitors have vastly different styles. We have Shangle with his cringe worthy pick-up lines. And then Thess has been playing the language card all day. So, it’ll be a very interesting final.

Indeed, now before the competitors make their way out I wanted to get your thoughts on Garv. Now, his awkward weather talk is the best going around, but it’s been a long day and the weather hasn’t changed. Is he going to get tired talking about weather?

Not likely James. Garv is a real professional, long days and unchanging weather won’t bother him one bit. Garv has such a good knowledge of weather that he can see the subtle changes that others can’t. And he is an expert at using that information to continue awkward conversations.

Thanks for the insight there Michael. Now, I also wanted to get your opinion on the wildcard, Leaf. We don’t know anything about him and he doesn’t appear to have any particular tactic. Loookka has his bad magic, and Janice specialises in female hygiene, but Leaf just seems to be awkward.

You’re right there James. Leaf just seems to have that awkward talent that all the other competitors have worked for years getting just right. He always seems to say the right thing, and he is amazing at applying the right amount of visual awkwardness to each situation. It looks like he isn’t even trying.

Thanks for that James. Our competitors have arrived in the arena, so we’ll cross to our commentators for the final of the Awkward Small Talk Championship.

2 thoughts on “How’s the weather?

  1. madwife77

    Hi Me (Chris)

    Frankly your a breathe of fresh air our hearts are grieving as my best friend committed suicide last week. You bring joy in a unique way. Keep at it. Respectfully Deb & Rob Griffith

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Deb. It’s good to know that my words bring a smile to your face. I’m very sorry for your loss, I should come and cut your hearts our so I can soothe them with massage and a bicycle pump. But I believe most frown on that.

      Sincerely, Me


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