How old am I?


So, you know that age, it’s after your birth and before you die, I really don’t know what age it is. But, it’s when you forget how old you are.

You know, your growing up, and kids never forget how old they are. It’s like the first thing everyone wants to know. I wonder if they ever get frustrated with anyone. Like, your the hundredth person to ask me that today! I should just wear a sign!

Anyway, growing up you know how old you are, but at some point you realise age is just a number and lose the will to count. And then a few birthdays go by without anyone telling you how old you are and BOOM! You’ve forgotten how old you are.

Now, normally it’s fine, but I was at the doctors the other day. I filled out this document and next to age I put: I don’t know. And next to Date of Birth I put: 1884. Anyway, so I get in to the doctor and he says according to my Date of Birth I was over 130. I was like cool, I’m probably a vampire right. Well, according to the doctor it’s impossible to be a vampire, I can tell you who’s blood I wanted next.

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