Does this guy deserve a medal?


Last week I asked five friends to supply me with a random word. I took those five words and used them in a story. The five words my friends gave me are in italics, enjoy…

In the darkest days of The Great Pie War, Dylan Smith became a legend.

When The Great Pie War began very few saw the danger of a delicious pie to the face, but Dylan did. The first few days were catastrophic, casualties reached the millions and ovens struggled to keep up. Dylan survived the chaotic first few days, seeing destruction and death firsthand. Overcome with compassion for those suffering he put together some supplies and bravely entered the battlefield to provide much needed aid…

Armed with chewing gum, toothbrushes and mouthwash, Dylan provided urgent oral care to all in need. It’s estimated that more than half of the combatants received assistance from Dylan’s dental supplies throughout The Great Pie War.

As The Great Pie War entered its second month Meat Pies and Apple Pies emerged as the major players. Hopes of a peaceful end to the fighting were quashed when the Meat Pie leader assassinated the ostentatious Apple Pie leader at a peace summit. Apple Pies retaliated, and casualties rose dramatically during the attack. The Great Pie War would linger on after the attack for another two months.

The end of The Great Pie War was a simple budget issue in the Meat Pie camp. They could no longer afford sauce for their pies, leading to a mass defection to the Apple Pie side, they could afford ice-cream and cream for their pies. The defectors turned the tide of The Great Pie War and Apple Pies soon emerged victorious.

The Great Pie War was over. Bodies and pies marred every patch of earth, only the fortunate survived. Unfortunately Dylan Smith wasn’t one of them. In the third week of The Great Pie War he copped a stray Pineapple Pie to the face while distributing supplies on the Fruit Pie Front. But his dental supplies survived and continued to spread throughout the camps.

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