When can I eat proper food again?


Tomorrow is the day, the day when my current existence will end, and a new one will begin.

I have spent all my life inventing a soul and mind transfer capsule. Tomorrow my body will become an empty shell, but my soul and mind will be captured and transferred to an empty body.

Unfortunately, a body is only empty at birth, before the soul and mind develop. Finding an adequate newborn hasn’t been easy, but tomorrow my soul and mind will be transferred.

At first it will be extremely frustrating, but after a few years I will be able to continue my work. My hope is that next time my soul and mind need transferring, I will have created an empty, but fully developed body.

One thought on “When can I eat proper food again?

  1. madwife77

    You mean to say you’re not out to beat the 7 day record?

    Cheering you onwards and upwards

    Love ?? left field out of the box quirks

    Keep it coming to ?? Cambodia or met your whole self here be welcomed [image1.png]

    Sent from my iPhone


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