Am I on fire?


I want to tell you all a story. It happened a while ago, but still haunts me to this day.

On my birthday I had a few friends over to celebrate with me. I had a great time, it was surprising really, the amount of fun you have before something so tragic.

My friends brought a massive cake with them and since I was turning 21, they decided to cover it with 2100 candles. At first it didn’t seem too much of a problem, but once candle 59 was lit, things sparked out of control.

Candle 59 was a sparkler. The sparks flew everywhere, lighting other candles and other sparklers. My friends shirt caught fire, as did my curtains.

As flames engulfed my house I walked out my front door and made sure to lock it. I then made my way around the back and made sure the back door was locked. I then made my way to the stash of supplies I hid in the forest.

As I did I heard three loud explosions, the fireworks inside the house. If the police, fire brigade and ambulance weren’t there yet, they would be when my final birthday present went off.

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