What did you get me?


Because it’s your birthday I got you something you will enjoy.

I got you a robot hand!

Hold out your hand. Now imagine a hand that looks exactly the same, but instead of skin, blood and bone, it will be plastic, oil and metal. Doesn’t that sound great?

I know right! Now can you just rest your hand on the chopping board here. For your robot hand to work properly and look right I’m going to chop off your real hand. I’ll then put it on ice and send it to the robot hand making guys so they can analyse and copy it.

This knife looks big enough. After the guys have your real hand for a bit they’ll send it back. Then they’ll make and send you your robot hand in about two years. So, basically I’m giving you three presents, I’m telling you this year, next year I’ll give you your real hand back and the year after you get your robot hand!

Now, hold still.

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