Can I have your head?


“Hello Sir. My name is Frank and I collect strange and extremely rare ornaments. I’m in the neighbourhood collecting ornaments to display in lounge rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. Well, actually one day I hope they’ll be displayed in a museum.
“I’m here today to ask if you or anyone you know has an ornament that they’ll allow me to put in my growing collection?”
“Sure, I might have something. What kind of ornaments are you looking for?”
“Human heads. I collect human heads, only from willing participants of course. And also some people who thought my guillotine didn’t work when I was at the Country Fair.”
“Wait! What? Sorry. You kill people just so you can put their heads on display?”
“Yeah, if they’re still attached to their bodies they’re so hard to mount. Now, if you want I can bring over my guillotine tomorrow, but I really don’t like carrying it around. So if you come to me I’ll separate you at my place. What time of day can I expect you?”

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