What did I do today?


Today a fly decided to land on my thumb. He was friendly, so we got chatting and he told me his story.

His name is Francis C. Bradley. He was born in my house, inside my garbage bin. Unfortunately he grew up without a family. Francis’ parents were crushed just after he was born.

Francis grew up without his family, but the Carlson’s stepped in to provide Francis food, shelter and education. He said he’s extremely grateful to the Carlson family, the C in his name is to honour them.

The Carlson’s had a daughter, Maddison. Growing up Francis saw her as a sister, but as they grew older they became romantically drawn to each other. Maddison was amazing, and judging from the way Francis talked about her you knew they were in love.

As Francis continued to talk of Maddison he broke into tears. Not long ago Maddison was flying home when she was captured. The absence was killing them both. Francis told me that only a human could set her free.

Francis and I rushed to Maddison. She was under an upside down cup. I gently grabbed the cup and let Francis in so I could take them both to a safe place for release.

A few hours ago I released Francis C. Bradley and Maddison Carlson out into the wild where they can live their lives together in peace.

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