What shampoo do you use?


A homemade mixture actually, 100 per cent organic, no dangerous chemicals and the smell is unforgettable. I call it Sham’s Poo.

Have you met Sham? I got him a few months ago from the dog pound, which is kinda weird, cause he’s a cow. He’s lovely, come out the back and meet him.

Anyway, Sham’s been trained to poop in the same place, which is great, less clean-up. But eventually I just had this pile of poo.

The next morning I was in the shower thinking about what I could do with the pile of poo, and when I reached for my old shampoo I had the brilliant idea to make shampoo out of Sham’s poo!

So that’s what I did. A month later and my hair looks amazing!

Did you want to try Sham’s Poo?

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