Is this a post?


No. This is not a post. I’m sorry guys but I simply don’t feel up to writing and posting on ‘Wait! What? Sorry.’ tonight.

The reason is I’m injured, a few days ago I lost my hands. At night I remove my hands and put them on ice to relax for the night. They sit in an esky beside my bed while I sleep.

A few days ago I woke up and couldn’t find my hands in my esky. So I went looking for them in all the usual places, behind the couch, under the bed, the dog’s stomach, the fridge and the roof. But I couldn’t find them anywhere.

Without my hands I can’t type. It’s taken my nose seven hours to type this, and I’m not done yet.

So unfortunately I can’t post tonight. Also if you find my hands can you please send them to me.

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