Is Grace alright?


I bet you’re wondering how I got here…

Well, it all started three weeks ago, I believe it was Wednesday. I was out in the garden when I saw a tree fall down. So I went over to investigate, but when I got there I saw that the tree had fallen on one of my neighbour’s prize roses. So I immediately moved the tree off the roses. They’re nice roses, and I can’t bear to see a rose die.

I saved the rose, it was a tricky procedure but I managed to save it. Or so I thought…

A week later another tree fell down on the same rose garden! This time I rushed over to the rose, it was life or death! I reckon the rose was on life support for two hours. Once I got the tree off it I didn’t care about anything but this dying rose.

Every day for a week I took care of that rose like it was my own. I sang to it at night, I read bedtime stories to it and fed it by hand. I slept next to it one night. I care about that rose, it’s like family. I love it more than anything.

This morning I went out to visit Grace, that’s what I call her, the rose. And she was standing there looking so beautiful. I had nursed her back to full health. Next thing I know is I had a hood over my head and I was thrown in a van. I woke up here, next to you and the guy with a gun to our heads.

What about you? How did you end up here?

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