How will I die?


Let me tell you a story…

It was a dark and scary night. Thunder crashed and lightning flashed, and the rain felt more like a bath than a shower. I didn’t want to be walking home at that hour, but the meeting was mandatory and the food was free.

As I walked I noticed a dark figure running towards me. As he came closer I noticed that his left hand was missing, it was just a stump. As he brushed past I felt a cold chill slither down my spine, and I froze for a second before continuing on my way home.

It was still raining as I rounded the final corner, my place was just over a little rise at the end of the street. Soon I would be home and dry, literally. As I chuckled to myself I missed the stick in front of me and tripped over it, landing on my face.

When I woke up it had stopped raining, but my clothes were still damp. As I jumped to my feet and dusted myself off I noticed that my left hand was missing. I also noticed a large pool of blood at the bottom of the hill, however my arm wasn’t bleeding and I wasn’t in pain.

That was three years ago. No one has seen or heard me since then. And then I meet you… on a dark and scary night…

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