Who is the breadwinner?


“I’m here interviewing World Champion Breadwinner, Dusty Road. Now Dusty, what got you interested in becoming a breadwinner?”

“My wife. We had just got married and she said to me “I want you to be our breadwinner.” So I did, and that was about twenty years ago.”

“And how much of a focus is breadwinning?”

“Breadwinning is my only focus. I spend a lot of time training to win physical breadwinning competitions and I read a book to help with the mental competitions.”

“But you don’t work on the luck competitions?”

“No, I’m often the only one that enters a competition where the prize is a loaf of bread. So I usually win by default.”

“And what do you do with all the bread you win?”

“Throw it away. I can’t eat bread and neither can my wife, so I just throw the prize away.”

“Do you get other prizes?”

“No. Just the bread.”

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