Why is it called Fred’s Pass?


Fred walked up to the real estate agent, eager to inspect his new property. “Hello, I’m James, nice to meet you” Fred thrust out his hand and excitedly shook James’ hand.

“Hi, I’m Fred. Can’t wait to see what I bought. My arch-enemy wanted to buy it too, but I did!”

“Fred? Your name is Fred?” asked the agent.

“Has been all my life.”

“Oh, well I’m sure it’s nothing.”

“Sure what’s nothing?”

“The legend around this place,” Fred didn’t stop James, so he continued. “They say that back in the days of the early settlers, this place caused a number of mysterious deaths. There were a few cases of scurvy, a couple of hypothermia deaths, a few falling leaves and one avalanche.”

Fred looked around confused, while the agent continued, “Yes exactly, no mountains in sight in this inland tropical climate. But that’s not all. Every single person who died was named Fred. And that’s why it has the name Fred’s Pass…”

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