Whose birthday is it?


Samantha walked into the kitchen and immediately noticed the cake with the words ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ on it. “Whose birthday is it?”
Her housemate, Melanie, was wiping down a cake tin. “Why do you assume it’s someone’s birthday?”
“Because the cake says ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’.”
“That doesn’t mean it’s a birthday cake. It’s just a cake, there’s nothing special about it.”
“But you don’t put that on every cake. Why not just put WORTHLESS PILE OF FAT.”
Melanie threw the cake tin on the ground, “Because it’s my birthday! That’s why I wrote ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ on there!”
Samantha gave Melanie a few moments to regain her composure. “No it’s not. Your birthday’s tomorrow.”
“It’s today you idiot!”
“No, no it’s definitely tomorrow. That’s what I told everyone coming.”
“But we never have guests, no one comes here.”
“Well, they all said they wouldn’t miss it. Also, I’m not sure that’ll be enough cake.”
Then the doorbell rang.

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