Cracked Pepper?


“Um, hello… are… um… I was… a-ah-assaulted.”

“It’s okay man. You’re safe here. Tell me what happened.”

“Okay. I was walking home when these guys came up from behind me. They said mean things to me, like “Nice and meaty,” “Tasty” and “Delicious”. I wasn’t looking at them but I’m sure they were enjoying themselves.

“I turn into my street unsure what to do, cause I didn’t want to lead them to my place, but I wanted to get away. My street is fairly secluded at that time of day and before I realised I was on the ground.

“They quickly… um… ah… I don’t really know. They did stuff. I couldn’t bear it, I just closed my eyes.

“When they were done one of the guys leaned down and whispered in my ear “Until tomorrow hot stuff.” Then he walked off. I opened my eyes and I saw one of them reach into his pocket. He pulled out a salt shaker, then he a salted me again.”

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