Can I?


“In this museum there are three rules to follow. Don’t handle! Don’t taste! And don’t touch! I have no idea why the taste one is really there, but I’ve heard rumours.

“Obey these rules and you’ll enjoy your visit to the Museum of Unique Objects. But if you don’t you’ll get a visit from Mr Wait! Mr What? And Mr Sorry. And usually I don’t say this, but you look like a particularly evil bunch of toddlers, Mr Jail-Time is always on call.

“So enjoy your tour and always remember the rules, don’t handle, don’t taste and don’t touch.”

“Excuse me Miss, who are Mr Wait, What and Sorry?”

“Oh sorry darling. They’re our big and intimidating security guards. I call them that because Mr Wait will grab you and immobilise you, Mr What will interrogate you and make you confess your deepest darkest murder, and Mr Sorry will apologise to your parents after sending you to jail. They’re a great team and always stop trouble-makers, like you, from causing destruction. Now run along you little princess. Enjoy the museum.”

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