What’s the box for?


Once there lived a carpenter. He had a young son and would take him into his workshop. The young boy loved being with his father and helping around the workshop.

His favourite job was testing out what they made. He sat on chairs, lay on beds, put things on shelves and ate off tables.

One day his father made a long box, “This is a coffin, son. But you can only use it once, so you can’t test it.” The young boy was confused, they tested everything. “You put a dead body in here and then you put the box in the ground.” The boy nodded.

Years later, at the fathers funeral, the son was telling this story when his father rose up out of the coffin. “It’s a good story son, but not exactly true. I always tested the coffins. I had to be dead to do that, but I always rose to life. Guess old habits never die!”

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