Is this a hotel?


When I walked into Lucy’s Bed and Breakfast I was struck by the colour scheme, black and red, it was dark, but stylish. The splashes of red gave it a mischievous and fiery aroma.

At check-in I was amazed at the speed and hospitality. I said my name and a lovely receptionist showed me straight to a room. The room was dark and hot, too hot. Actually the whole place is too hot, and I couldn’t find the air-con remote anywhere.

I hadn’t eaten, so I went to the outdoor restaurant. It was an open fire pit that we sat around and watched as they cooked my meal. Unfortunately they burnt my roast, I literally ate charcoal.

And after all those issues the price was not what they said originally. It was way too high.

It wasn’t a hotel, it was a hot hell.

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