Start with who?


It feels good to be carried by a mad man.

I have served many masters in my lifetime, but there’s no comparison to a mad man. I love the reassuring feeling that at any point something could set him off and a second later I’m skewering and slicing the lucky human to death.

It’s comforting when blood covers my body. The warm, red liquid running down my neck, there’s something sexy about it. Hearts are so alluring, I imagine them every chance I get. Seeing it beat for the last time is exhilarating. There is nothing more pleasurable than me inside you.

Everyday I picture my next blood bursting incision. Sometimes it keeps me up at night, but mostly it sends me to sleep and sweetens my dreams. They keep me strong and sharp, ready to serve. Without me, master couldn’t do what he does. I give him the confidence he needs, and he gives me joy.

My lesser brothers warn me, saying I bring our name into disrepute, but they’re all jealous. They don’t know the thrill of slicing the jugular. It doesn’t compare to slicing through butter. So they can have their cheese, and their bread, but I no longer live for that purpose.

I live for blood… And I can’t wait to meet you.

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