Do chickens have a preference?


im henry ‘the chicken wisperer’ walker and i will prove that i can talk to chickens

yesterday i took my brand  new camera outside to my local chicken park to catch a chicken talking to me on film i got there and started walking likea chicken (i do that so the chickens will think im one of them( its hard tohold a camera wile waking and cluking and flaping and scrating myself like achicken but this time i knew what buton too press too turn it on the big red one that says on/off when  i saw that i was confused if the buton turns it on and then of  straight away how will i ever turn it on? manafactuas need too make 2 butons 1 to turn it on and 1 too turn it of

anyhow wile i was there a chicken came up to me and spoke engalish confusing becase thay normaly speak chicken the chicken said to me ‘ i waant to be a pie”! WOW! WOW1 WOW! so i grab chicken and put  in my car i dont now how too make pie ive only eva heard of aple pie but if thats what chicken wants  that what hell get and ill enjoy an aple and chicken pie!

my mate is a shef he makes pie a  lot of them so i take chicken tohim and he cut of its head and make aple and chicken pie  when it finished i take a foto and sho chicken head he doesnt say much now we finish aple and chicken pie  and watch vidoe of chicken talking tome in engalish we watch it and my mate says to  me we shouldnt have done that i ask him whyand he say becase the chicken “said i want to be alive’.

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