What do you remember?


Recently, a friend of mine put themselves in a coma for a couple of days, and I happened to be beside their bed when they woke-up. Their first question was “What happened?”, that was difficult to explain, so I simply asked “How much do you remember?”, they replied, “Nothing, I don’t even know who I am.” Well, that was an opening I couldn’t refuse…

“You, your majesty, are Grand Master Official Sandwich Eater the First. The year is 2407, everyone can fly, travel in time and do real magic. It’s chaos out there. But a prophecy told of a humble sandwich eater who will restore peace. It says they’re born in the 90’s, played games of videos, conquered dragons hiding in dungeons and only ate sandwiches with buns. This chosen one has seen the sun, trees and wars in stars.

The prophecy was passed down for generations. My father urged me to find you before it was too late. A minute later he was killed by a sizzling steak. It was hard to watch, so I ran away, and searched for you everyday, until I finally found you.

When you woke-up my father told me to ask you a question, a question he said you would know the answer to, who shot first?”

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