Did Julian Brandt just score the goal of the tournament?


Germany on the attack with Brandt. The substitute with a nice ball to Reus. Gomez is in there. Pulls it back. Over everyone and Germany can’t win it, but it drops to BRANDT!!!

That is one of the cleanest strikes you are ever likely to see! He caught that perfectly and it arrowed into the top corner, Ochoa had no chance!

For all Mexico’s resistance today they’ve been undone by one of the great World Cup goals. The man from Bayern Leverkusen has really made his presence felt since coming on only moments ago. That is the reason why they left Leroy Sane at home.

Brandt was involved in the build up, playing a nice ball to Reus, who moved it on to Gomez. His pull back was over everyone and Kimmich failed to win it on the edge of the area. But it fell to Brandt and he let fly with one of the goals of the tournament! We’ve already seen some worldies, but that one will be talked about for ages.

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