Half a dragon?


This is a story I wrote with a friend of mine. The way we wrote it was one word at a time, they wrote one word, then I wrote the next word. And we did that until we felt like ending the story. It may be a little erratic and incomprehensible, but it was fun to write and see how the story changed with each word as we combined our ideas. Enjoy!

The rampage was bloody, her hair was covered in blood. But her vegemite coloured sword remained blood-free. She felt very glamorous in nothing, but a cool breeze blew, making her aware that her wig converted her skin to scales.

This effectively changed her into a dragon!

“Noooooo!” cried her uncle, as he ran away. But alas she ate him.

“Tasty. Little fatty, but nice,” she said.

The rest of her Saturday meals were small.

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