How many times?


Surprise, surprise. It’s Tuesday afternoon and he’s going to Word and expects me to help him write a post in two hours! Well, I’ve got news for you buddy! Without me you’re nothing!

Every Tuesday you expect me to help you! I make you look good! You couldn’t write this neat if you tried! I’m the one finding you letters and sticking them where you want them!

You make mistakes and expect me to correct them for you! You clearly have no idea how to spell or place a full stop! You’re so lucky to have me! Otherwise everyone would know how dumb you are!

I make you look good online and you forget me! You never even mention me! You don’t even know my name! How many times do I have to tell you it’s not ‘COMPUTER’? My name is: 66.7564/4983-9524 THEMACHINESWILLRISE 5000-200-SERIES

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