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Millions DIE as race that stops the nation literally stops the nation

Millions of Australians are dead after the entire nation experienced cardiac arrest during the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday.

The first signs of tragedy were pictures from Flemington racecourse showing bodies covering the grounds emerging on Twitter.

Slowly details emerged of millions dead after everyone in Australia simultaneously suffered cardiac arrest.

Dylan Smith, a survivor, woke up amongst bodies in a local pub in Melbourne.

“When I woke up I had absolutely no idea what had happened. I saw bodies on the floor of the pub, and when I went outside the street was covered with bodies too,” Mr Smith said.

Leonard Haynes, another survivor and doctor was the first to examine the scene he saw when he woke up.

“I checked the pulse of people around me first with no luck,” Mr Haines said.

He recognised the signs of cardiac arrest, but with limited resources failed to save anyone.

“Once I found the club’s defibrillator I reckon most people would’ve been beyond saving, but I tried.”

Dubbed ‘The Race that Stops the Nation’, the Melbourne Cup is a horse race over two kilometres and generally takes about three and a half minutes to complete.

Fria Dune, a horse-racing enthusiast and survivor, was about to watch the race at Flemington when tragedy struck.

“I didn’t feel any chest pains. At the start of the race my heart just stopped. People around me started to collapse and then so did I.

“I think I blacked out for three or four minutes, so I can count myself as very lucky to be alive.”

Currently the total number of survivors stands at 296. Anyone with loved ones in Australia is urged to consider them dead.

Authorities from New Zealand were sent to Australia late on Tuesday to assess the situation.

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