If you could be any food, what would you be?


That, my friend, is quite a question.

Would I want to be a food that’s never eaten, like brussels sprouts. I could live out a very nice life, grow up, meet a nice sproutette, get married, have some kids, grow old together and die in peace.

Or maybe I’d be a food that is brutally murdered and eaten. Feel the anguish of literally becoming mince meat. And if I somehow survived that, experiencing the journey through the human digestive system and coming out the other end.

Or I could be an animal, because they’re technically food. Like salmon, or kangaroo, or lamb. And maybe I don’t even have to be eaten by humans, like a penguin, they’re eaten by leopard seals and sharks. Maybe I could actually be a human, we’re dinosaur food, or human food, if you’re into that.

Or maybe I’d be poisonous. Like a berry that kills you a moment after you eat it. I would just laugh in your mouth as you chew me up, knowing that I was releasing the very poisons that will kill you in seconds.

The possibilities are endless.

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