Would you like a doughnut?


Excuse me everyone, I have an announcement. With great sorrow I must inform you that overnight… The Doughnut Man… died.

The Doughnut Man worked here for over ten years and I know his death will affect everyone in the office. His work in the department that he worked in, was good. His ideas, reports, audits and other things were also good.

His work in the company was good, but The Doughnut Man will always be remembered for his morale boosting doughnuts. The Doughnut Man always bought doughnuts and always had plenty to share. Glazed, iced, cinnamon, choc coated, jam filled, strawberry, blueberry, all the fruity flavours and ones with sprinkles on top. Whatever type or flavour you wanted, The Doughnut Man had it. They will be missed.

My favourite was the Blueberry Chocolate Iced Doughnut. It had the most amazing texture and blend of flavours. I remember one day when I had a report due, and The Doughnut Man knocked on my door with a doughnut in hand. I think he stayed to help me finish the report. That’s the kind of guy that… The Doughnut Man was.

Look, I honestly can’t remember his real name or what he did here. I just know he had doughnuts.

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