Where does rain come from?


I looked up at the clouds wondering how Toby was going.

Three years ago Toby took me on a journey around the world in his boat. He called it the White Sail. As he paddled around the world I looked over the side of the boat and saw the most amazing sight I had ever seen. I was floating above the earth! I could see meadows, fields, towns and roads.

Toby said we were floating on a cloud, but to me the cloud looked like a boat, it had seats, a rudder and two oars. Toby said from the ground they can’t see that stuff, only the fluffy white cloud.

I couldn’t stop looking at the view. A few other clouds passed us. I thought they were clouds, but as they got closer I could see that they were boats too. And there were people inside. I waved, and they waved back.

The boat was floating through the air when trouble first arose. Toby was working harder and harder to row the boat, he started turning blue. The air was heavier and I felt like we were sinking.

Soon there was a leak in the boat. Toby gave me a bucket and I frantically bailed the water out of the boat. I bailed the water out for over an hour. I was scared and started yelling at Toby. I was really mad, all my energy was coming out as I yelled at Toby.

Although I was really mad at Toby for bringing me he helped me bail water out of the boat. Slowly we rose again and my anger disappeared as we floated on air again.

Toby dropped me off shortly after, but I’ll always remember the day I spent floating on the clouds.

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