What should I listen to?


My music collection is legendary. I love my tunes and currently have over 350 compact discs. My collection ranges from instrumental hymns to ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, with Jeremy Camp, Michael Jackson and Skillet in between.

My problem though is always deciding what to listen to. Generally picking the song my ears want to listen to is the most stressful part of my day.

My current method of decision making only works 80 per cent of the time, but I’ll share it with you anyway.

The first question I ask myself is “What mood are you in?” Once I answer that question, which generally isn’t hard, I deal with artists. I select an artist that matches my mood, from there it’s just selecting a song.

If I feel like dancing I know Michael Jackson is the artist I want. Right now I want to hear a lovely acoustic guitar…

Jars of Clay – Love Song for a Saviour

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