Is that the winner?


Rolling down a hill, well not really down a hill, more of just rolling along. I’m just enjoying being outside and on the grass, there’s really nothing I’d rather be doing. It’s so peaceful out here.

Owww! What was that? I was just rolling along and then something gets in the way, out of nowhere. There was nothing I could do to avoid it, at least it doesn’t seem to mind. It’s a colourful thing too, bright green with three stripes.

Ouch. The green thing with the stripes keeps touching me! I suppose it’s affection, I mean it’s just tenderly moving me into a more comfortable position.

Wait. What’s happening? The green thing with the stripes is flying towards me! It’s going to hit me straight in the middle. OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Why green thing? Why? My middle is now aching, I’ll be bruised for days! We’re you trying to knock the stuffing out of me? And to make things worse I have no idea where the ground is!

Oh look! Up ahead there’s a net, I’ll be safe in there. Left a bit, down a bit, just over another object and into the net.

“And the crowd goes wild! A few quick touches before unleashing an unstoppable shot just out of the goalkeepers reach!”

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