How old are you?


I am young. I’m younger than I will be tomorrow, but older than I was yesterday. So age is really just a number.

Most of my cousins are older than me, that’s cool, but what if they weren’t?

Today I am starting a radical plan that will make me older than all of my cousins. I call it ‘Operation 31’.

It simply involves me lying about my age so often that they start to believe how old I want them to think I am.

I will start by telling my family that I am 22 (I’m 21). Then I will turn 23. And I will start the process again by saying I’m 25 (when I’ll be 22). From there I will keep going until I am the first cousin to turn 31.

My birth date will stay the same, and by that I mean that I will keep telling people I was born in 1884.

It’s a brilliant plan, just don’t tell anyone.

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